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Under the Housing (Disabled and Essential Repairs Grant) Regulation 2001 the Disabled Person’s Grant is administered via local authorities and available for the adaptation of houses for people with disabilities.

The grant may be given where an extra room or other structural changes are, in the opinion of the Authority, necessary for the accommodation of a person or a member of the household who is either:
physically handicapped and the works are necessary for his or her proper accommodation, or suffering from severe mental handicap or severe mental illness, for which he or she is undergoing treatment, and the works are necessary for his or her proper treatment and accommodation.

The Local Authority will decide if the proposed work is necessary. Where the house is less than one year old or where a new house is being built specifically to meet the needs of a person with a disability a grant is available. The Local Authority recoups 60% of such grants from central government (DEHLG).

The Home Improvement Scheme for Older People is operated by Health Boards and directed by the Task Force on Special Housing Aid for the Elderly to improve the living conditions of older people living alone or in unfit or unsanitary conditions.

The type of work carried out includes essential repairs, provision of heating/water/sanitary facilities and security devices. It does not normally cover major structural works.

The Essential Repairs Grant is administered by Local Authorities, and is intended to be used to improve dwellings which are not fit for habitation, thereby preventing the move of the occupant, often elderly, to local authority housing. Two thirds of the amount of the Essential Repairs are available.

The above information is general and it is advisable to check with your local Authority.

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Housing Adaptation Grant

The Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability scheme provides grant aid to applicants to assist in the carrying out of works that are reasonably necessary for the purposes of rendering a house more suitable for the accommodation needs of a person with a disability. The Scheme is administered by local authorities.

The effective maximum grant under the scheme is 30,000 euro, which may cover up to 95% of the approved cost of works.


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